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A personal solutions provider for both the professional and home A/V industry

A little about us...

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Formed in 1993 Blue Systems was initially set-up from a partnership that had many years experience working for some industry leading companies involved in audio project engineering, both analogue and digital, from markets covering computer networks, audio broadcast, television, live sound install and recording studios. Just to give you an idea as to just how long ago this all happened one day we were evaluating a system by a company called Digidesign who had a system called SoundTools, which could record audio to a hard disk, allow DPT style editing of audio, and had a playlist feature enabling the play-out of the arranged edits - impressive technology. A few days later however and AMS turned up with a four-track version, all self-contained. How things have changed in the last decade!

Clients use Blue Systems as a true and accurate source of un-biased technical knowledge on equipment they were interested in, enabling them to evaluate all possibilities before finally making a purchase. Our "realistic" non-biased opinions are what have won us the deal over the years.

Instead of "Our best price is" as an answer to your first question, we first meet the clients question with a question. "What do you do?" then "How do you work?" followed by "What do you already have?" and finally "What experience to have you have in this area, and what do you wish to achieve by adding to your existing environment or replacing existing equipment?" These are all really important fundamental questions, and enable us to provide you with a personal and professional service and supply you with a solution that not only works but suits your needs in the most productive way.

Our pricing is competitive, however we go one stage further; at least a 24-hour burn in on solutions before shipping, on-site consultation and commissioning, maintenance contracts and life-time telephone and email technical support, and to top all this as a client you are entitled to free of charge support/update CDs as and when you require them - each tailored to your individual requirements. So many companies claim to be a No.1 dealer or the best or even the fastest growing dealer but their core values are not in 'your' best interest and as a result never seem to deliver the promises that are made. We are realistic in our promises - here are a few small, but important, facts about Blue;

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1). A massive 85% of all new clients are through referrals and recommendations, not advertising.

2). We handle all customer service and support issues before new business.

3). If we honestly don't know the answer with regards to a specific solution or configuration that you are interested in, or even require, we'll find out, instead of specifying a solution that won't work.

4). We appreciate that not all users out there are in a position to spend £100k on a solution, so here at Blue we will provide you with a personal and professional service regardless of whether you spend £500 or £500,000.

It would be easy for us to brag about the clients that use us, but that's just not cricket. We don't need 'spin doctors' to sell our products or services, our clients do that for us.

We would like to take this opportunity to give out a big thank you to all our customers, old and new, who have been a part of Blue for the last 15 years.

Best wishes for the present and future,

All at Blue.


Blue Industries Ltd T/a Blue Systems - Established 1993